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Spotlight’s on…Teacher Therese!

This is Therese’s second year teaching Kindergarten 3 in Lemuel’s school.  Here, she tells a little bit about herself…

Q:  What gives you the most joy in your classroom?

Therese:  My greatest joy is when I feel the kids are learning quickly, and when they can play and interact with me as their friend, instead of feeling afraid.

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach?

Therese: I like to teach songs, poems, dances, and reading.

Q:  If you could describe your current class of children with one word, what word would you choose?

Therese: Hope

Q: In your opinion, what importance does a teacher have within society?

Therese: A teacher is the central pillar of a society, because he/she is the one shaping the people of tomorrow.

Q: What teacher had the greatest influence on you? How?

Therese:  One teacher that I have never forgotten taught my fifth-grade class.  She had just finished a lesson about feminine forms in French.  We had learned that feminine words often end in “e.”  Then, she did an exercise where she said a word, and we had to put the correct article with it: “le” (masculine) or “la” (feminine).  At one point, she called out, “Fleur!” (flower).   That doesn’t end in “e,” so almost the whole class said, “Le!”  But, I said, “La.”  Everyone laughed at me until I started crying.  I was the smallest in my class, and they didn’t give me much importance.  But then, the teacher confirmed in front of everyone that I was correct!

This taught me the lesson that the majority is not always right and that you shouldn’t devalue people.

Q: In the future, what do you hope the kids who are in your class today can offer their country that the previous generation was not able to offer?

Therese: I hope that my class can bring change through love.  I want them to really understand what it means to love one another, so that they can do what is right and serve others and work together from their hearts.  Haiti’s biggest problem is the absence of unity.  Our flag has the motto, “Unity makes strength!” But in reality, each person only looks out for his/her own interests.  There is no lack of intelligence in our country, but everyone only thinks about themselves.

Q: What importance does your faith in Jesus Christ have in your life?

Therese: He gives me hope.  Even if I endure difficulties and miseries for my entire life, I will one day live with God.  It will not always be this way; it will change.  That helps me to keep my focus in the right place—looking up.

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