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Spotlight: The Janitorial Staff!

Idalia (Mme. Tiferne)

Mme Tiferne is one of Lemuel’s first employees.  Over the years, she has filled many a need for tree waterer, cook, cleaner, and housekeeper.  She will enthusiastically greet you with a smile, kiss, and sometimes even a little dance. She loves to laugh, and she will always offer you a chair!  Her duties in the school include cleaning, as well as keeping water stocked for the kids and teachers, both to drink and to wash their hands.

Dieumila (Mant Carlo)

By contrast with Mme Tiferne, Mant Carlo (another way of saying “Aunt Carlo”) is one of our most recent employees. This is her second year working for Lemuel.  She cheerfully comes very early in the morning to clean the classrooms and the latrines. She also keeps the yard swept and free of debris and washes anything the school may need laundered.

We are very grateful for these ladies, who enable our students and their teachers to function in a clean and well kept environment!

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