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Water Study This Week

Hi Everybody!

This is my (Judy) first time blogging on the new site so I’ll keep it kind of simple!  Krischelle is in a bus on her way to the DR right now.  She is taking Rachel to meet up with Bonita who is flying in from Canada.  Rachel needed to leave the country for a few days to renew her visitor’s visa.  Also traveling with them is Jinel!  We are so excited for him to have the experience of going to an all-inclusive resort in the DR.  This will be a huge learning experience for him, as well as a lot of fun:)

Anyway, what I really wanted to let you all know about is that we have a team arriving today that will be doing a GeoPhysics water study (or something like that!:)) Essentially this study will be testing to see if we can find underground water anywhere in the area (ie for wells).  This is huge for us and for this community as it will help us to know where to focus our resources for providing water.  If there is no water we will know not to bother drilling more wells.  If there is, we will know exactly where to drill.

PLEASE pray with us this week.  We are, of course, praying that sweet water will be found.  But we are also praying, if that is not God’s will, that He will give us faith and strength to not be discouraged and wisdom to know how to proceed.  Please also pray for the team.  It has been particularly hot and unusually humid recently.  Please pray for health and strength for them, and maybe even some cloud cover to cool things off!:)

Thank you for standing with us.


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