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What do germs look like?

Last week, veteran guest Kelly Heise did some special sessions for the school kids about basic hygiene and wellness.  She talked to the kids about dental health, ways to properly care for our bodies, and the supreme importance of washing our hands.

Using glitter to represent germs, Kelly showed the kids how to thoroughly wash their hands.  If you simply pour a little water over and quickly wipe your hands, the glitter remains.

But if you properly scrub your hands with soap, all those sparkly germs will come off!

After a little practice on the proper way to scrub your hands all over–don’t forget under the nails!–the kindergartners had some fun drawing “germs” with crayons.

Germs never looked so cute.

Since lunch was up next, all the kindergartners had the chance to immediately apply what they had learned.

In between the fingers, and under the nails!

Sessions with first-third grade and fourth-sixth grade were done separately.

Learning some morning stretches with first-third grade.

Kelly introduced a great concrete and visible example of how germs are spread.  She took three kids outside of the classroom to the “bathroom.”  Then, she covered their hands with white flour.

They all re-entered the classroom and began touching everybody and everything.

The flour stuck to the people they touched, and provided a great visual for the spread of germs from our hands to other people/things.

A few of the older students got to practice washing the glitter germs off their hands.

As they waited for lunch, they drew a picture of themselves washing their hands.


Kelly also held some first-aid training especially for Josiane.

Josiane is the administrative aid in the school, and she is also in charge of the first-aid kit.  Her dream is to one day study nursing, but she has never had any formal training.

The day we took these pictures, she was having an exam where she had to apply what she had learned to various situations.  She proved to be quite a natural with a great memory for all the information that was covered.  Her joy at having the opportunity to learn these things was evident.

Who knows? Maybe one day Josiane will be the school nurse.

That’s one of the exciting things about investing in people…You never know where it might lead.

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