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What’s Up in First Grade?

Today, we leave the Kindergarten and “graduate” into the primary grades.  Of course, we haven’t left Kindergarten too far behind.  First grade is a little bit like a transition class where last year’s Kindergarten 3 grads learn the ropes of elementary school.

They have already come so far this year!  Here is what’s up in first grade this week:


Teacher Rachelle has been helping them learn to count backwards from 69 to 1!

They have also been working on their ability to do math without depending on fingers or rocks or counters for help.

Learning to do the math without counting is hard!…

…But, they’re working on it!

For this exercise, they were given the answers and had to break down the sum into correct parts!


In writing, they are learning how to make capital versus small letters.


To practice reading and diction, they read a short French text.


In science, they studied how air is necessary to life.  (In the picture, Rachelle is having them close their eyes and breathe.)

Wild Card!

This week, they had a special class with Krischelle on Tuesday….drawing!

Specifically, they learned how to draw birds.  (And can I just say, it was FUN!)

(Those of you who attend Lemuel’s 20th anniversary celebration in April just might find greeting cards covered with adorable bird drawings available for purchase!)

The first graders enjoy most of their classes, including writing, reading, science, and Bible…

…but their absolute favorite is Creole language class!

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