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What’s Up in Fourth Grade?

Before we jump into what the fourth graders are learning this week, I would like to tell you about a special visit they received a few weeks ago.

Bonita’s father Bryon came to visit us on the Plateau.  He brought with him a gift and a short letter addressed to the fourth grade class from one of their sponsors in Canada.  What a treat!  It is especially neat for the kids, because they pray for sponsors every morning in devotions.  How powerful for them to see tangible evidence that their prayers are being answered.

This is certainly not an expectation that we put on our sponsors, but we do want you to know that we love to hear from you!  And if you ever want to come to the Plateau to visit the school and meet the kids in the class that you sponsor, you would be most welcome.

If you would like to write a note to your class, you can send it to the following address (it is a couple more lines than usual):

Lemuel Ministries

ATTN:  _______ Grade Class

Unit 2031-LEM

3170 Airmans Dr

Fort Pierce FL 34946

(Disclaimer: It may take us several weeks to get your letter!)

Please do not send packages to the address above.  This is a little more tricky.  At this point, the only viable way to get a package here is if you know someone who is coming to the Plateau that can bring it with them.

Now to find out what’s up in fourth grade!

In French vocabulary class, the kids are learning words related to the ocean/beach…note Teacher Fleurima’s identifying sketch of a seashell (coquillage).  In this exercise, they had to match the phrase written below with the corresponding illustration.  Fleurima has some drawing talent, and he puts it to good use!

Then, the kids had to use each of their vocabulary words in a sentence of their own composition.

For Creole writing, the students had to write a short paragraph regarding an event or a personal experience that they had at school.

As we saw in third grade, the fourth graders often practice reading aloud in a group.  Here they are reading together in French…its a story about an elephant!

(By now, you probably have noticed that the children in Haiti have to learn proficiency in TWO languages: French and Creole.)

In math, they are working more complicated division problems involving longer numbers and decimals. You may notice from the board that their system of division is a little different from what many of us grew up with.  In the problem Taïcha is solving, she is dividing 825 by 6 and is halfway towards the answer of 137.5.

The class is also doing geometry.  They have learned to identify perpendicular and parallel lines.  In addition, they are learning to graph coordinates!

Speaking of coordinates, in geography, the kids are learning the cardinal directions.

In the video, Taïcha is indicating the directions relevant to where she is standing.

And there’s more!

…In social studies, they are learning the administrative divisions of Haiti and identifying major cities within them.

…In history, they looked this week at the events surrounding the death of one of Haiti’s national heroes: Toussaint Louverture.  He died on April 7, 1803.  They have also been learning about the era of the French colonization of Haiti.

…In science, they have been learning about the animals in different categories.

Their favorite subjects are French, math, social studies/history, geography, and creole!

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