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What’s Up in Kin 3?

The Kindergarten 3 class is known as “The Birds.”  They are preparing for graduation at the end of the year, at which point they will move on to first grade and primary school.  Here is what they are up to these days:


They have been working on basic addition to prepare them for the math they will encounter in first grade.

“I use rocks,” says teacher Therese, “It helps them to better understand.  When I see they’re having a hard time concentrating, I use candy!”


“Before moving on to another activity, I often sing a song with them,” Therese explains. “It is like a game to them, and it helps them not to get too bored or tired.  The songs are also related to what we are learning.”

Coloring and Wild Animals

“Coloring helps the kids better capture what they are learning.  This week, I have been talking to them about wild animals–like elephants, lions, etc.  I also have them color images of these animals.  Those images will stick with them.”


The kids are also learning to read.  “I read it for them,” says Therese, “and then I have them repeat it after me.  Then, they all read it together.”


This activity involves learning to identify geometric lines, as well as learning how to write their name.

“I write each child’s name at his/her seat,” explains Therese, “Then I give them a white piece of paper, so that they can practice while looking at the example.”

In addition, the kids have been practicing their equilibrium and ability to follow instructions.  This week, Therese drew lines on the ground with angles and curves.  The children have to carefully walk on the lines, maintaining their balance and coordination.

Therese has also been reinforcing her class’ knowledge of the body, reviewing the various parts of the body, until the kids are able to say them all by themselves.

And of course, there is always time to play!  “This helps the kids relax,” says Therese,” so they do not feel they are concentrating the entire time.”

For a fun peek at a week in Kindergarten 3 (and some of the activities mentioned above), enjoy the following video:

Be sure to check out the next blog post.  The spotlight will be on Kin 3’s teacher, Therese!

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