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What’s Up in Kindergarten 1?

Today we start this year’s “What’s Up…?” series in which we will highlight each grade in the school and what they are learning in a given week.

Kindergarten 1 is a class to keep the teacher’s on their toes!  The kids in Kin 1 (as we call it for short) are pre-school age, and they are learning all the ropes to this new thing called “school.”  Just keeping everyone’s attention is a challenge enough (picture day is always interesting)!  Teacher Marquise and Kindergarten assistant Nadege–whom you met in this “Spotlight” post from November–exercise wonderful patience in meeting all these little people’s needs and keeping them on task.

During their year in Kindergarten 1, the kids will have their first introduction to all sorts of new things–everything from French to colors to fine motor skills to the routine of a school day.

This year, their class name is “The Chicks.”  So, what are these little Chickies up to these days?

They are practicing their colors.

The kids each have different colored tiles.  As teacher Marquise holds up a colored Frisbee, they match the correct colored tile to it.

Speaking of colors, they also practiced their matching and flexed their fine motor muscles by coloring.

(I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be a smile, but it looks more like she is fiercely protective of her artwork.)

The class worked on learning the different parts of the body too.  Perhaps you will recognize this tune…

By learning about the carrot, they also discovered some of the differences between fruits and vegetables.

On Friday, they did a special collaging activity in which they ripped up pieces of different colored paper (what pre-schooler doesn’t enjoy ripping up paper?) and then glued them together to make a face.  Osselet (director of pedagogy) pointed out that this helps them to learn how different parts can be assembled together to make a whole.

At the same time, they reviewed some of the things they had been learning during the week: colors and parts of the body.

Nadege offers some assistance and encouragement.

Finished!  🙂

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