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What’s Up in Kindergarten 2?

The Kin 2 class is called the “Dragonflies.”  This week, they practiced counting from 0-20.  Often, one student gets to practice taking the lead and helping the teacher at the board.

Not only do the kids recognize the numbers, but they can write some of them as well.

They also spent time identifying shapes.

Here, teacher Génièse helps them shape a square with their hands.

Picking up where they left off a year ago as Kindergarten 1-ers, the Dragonflies review the parts of the human body, as well as the function of each part.

This week, they began learning to read and write the letter “L.”

In the video below, you can hear them saying together, “When ‘llllll’ (ie, the “L” sound) holds hands with Madame ‘e,’ that makes ‘le!'”….and so on.  (If you want to be entertained, notice the little boy and girl who come into the bottom of the frame.)

The kids also are learning to identify the color green…

…as well as the spatial orientations (in front, behind, above, below).

And of course, there is always time for coloring and drawing.  🙂

The Kindergarten 2 class has a great teacher, Génièse Pierre.  You will soon meet her in an upcoming post!

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