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What’s Up in Kindergarten 2?

Continuing our series about what the kid’s are currently learning in each class, let’s visit Kindergarten 2!

Kin 2 is the largest class in the entire school with 24 students!  Their class is aptly named “The Bees.”  They keep teacher, Génièse, on her toes!

Their favorite things to do are sing, learn and recite poems/rhymes, draw, and play.

This week they reviewed the color blue.

They also are learning how to draw circles, squares, and triangles…and flowers!

They are reading the syllables/words: la, le, li, lo, lu, etc.

And they are learning to write the letter “L.” (Love that little guy peeking mischievously over the top of his slate.)

In addition to these things, they spend time coloring, singing, and reviewing things from Kin 1, like the parts of the body in French!  (Notice the curtain in the background of many of the pictures.  That is all that separates the Kin 2 class from the Kin 1 class!)

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