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What’s Up in Second Grade?

Moving on up!…through the grades, that is.

Let’s take a peek at what second grade is up to these days…


In grammar, the kids are working on their plurals.

Specifically this week, they are learning–get ready for this–nouns in French that take an “x” in the plural form. Would you like to know some too?

bijou/bijoux = jewel/s

caillou/cailloux = pebble/s

chou/choux = cabbage/s

genou/genoux = knee/s

hibou/hiboux = owl/s

pou/poux = louse/lice

joujou/joujoux = toy/s

They are also practicing their conjugation of the French verbs “avoir” and “être” in three tenses: present, imperfect, and future.

(Bet you wish you were in second grade French grammar class too, don’t you?)


In math class, they are learning…

…how to count to 200,

…addition and subtraction, together with the digit place values (the “ones” column, the “tens” column, the “hundreds” column),

…and how to break down a large number into the sum of its parts (again, “hundreds, tens, and ones”).


In writing class, they are practicing their cursive “f’s.”

The kids love to go to the front of the class and work on the blackboard!


In science class, the second graders are getting their hands dirty learning the different types of soils and rocks.  They even held did a sort of lab using the soil and rocks they found in the school yard.  You can listen in below as teacher Kenol reviews with them:

I must take a moment to applaud the first and second grade teachers and students.  You may have picked it up from the pictures (and definitely from the vide0) that these two classes actually share a room divided only by a curtain.  This–combined with the as yet unfinished state of the classrooms–makes for a noisy environment.  It takes a lot of energy for these teachers to make their voices heard and keep their students attention.  It takes a lot of concentration from the kids to keep from being distracted by the voices of the other students.  Yet, they persevere day after day.

And More…

And finally, here is what the second grade is studying in…

…Social Studies: the difference between coastlines, capes, and gulfs

…History: the life of Christopher Colombus

…Creole: how to write Creole sentences, read in Creole, and recount stories in Creole

…also in Science: they are learning to categorize living elements (professor, students) and inert elements (table chairs)

The kids love to talk!  Some of their favorite things to do are recite poems; sing; recount stories, including those they have learned from the Bible; and tell what then know about different plants.

They also love to compete to see who gets to go to the blackboard for dictation of spelling!

One of their favorite subjects is math.

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