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What’s up in sixth grade?

We have made it all the way to sixth grade in our “What’s Up…” series!  Currently, the sixth graders are preparing for their year-end State exams next week.  But, here is what they were up to in the final weeks of the school year…

Social Science: Haitian History

In Haitian history, the students were learning the dates on which key Haitian leaders died.  The famous names included Toussaint Louverture (leader of the slave revolution), Dessalines (leader after Toussaint was betrayed by the French), and Henri Christophe (the infamous builder of the Citadelle).

The most recent leader to pass away, was René Préval, a former president who died on 3 March 2017 (surrounded by rumors of foul play).

Math: Geometry

In geometry, the sixth graders learned how to find surface area. Square kilometers are used to measure vast areas (such as a country), square meters are used for large spaces (such as houses), and square centimeters are used to measure the area of small objects/spaces (such as a piece of paper).  They also learned how to convert between these different units of measure.


In science class, the sixth graders learned about sound.  They studied how it is created, how it is described (tone, intensity, etc.), and how it is measured.  They also learned about protecting their ears!

French Communication

French class was centered around interrogative pronouns.

Creole Communication

In Creole class, the kids practiced arranging words in alphabetical order according to the Haitian Creole alphabet.  They also learned about “circumstantial complements,” although I don’t believe that is what we call them in English.  Essentially these are phrases within a sentence that indicate under what circumstances and action happens.

After sixth grade, these students will leave primary school and move on to middle school.  This class will be the first one with the option to continue on to seventh grade in Lemuel’s school…but more about that to come!

You can meet sixth grade teacher Wilnique in the next post.

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