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What’s Up in Third Grade?

This week, we find out what is happening in the third grade class!

Creole Communication

In this class, the third graders are currently learning qualitative adjectives…ie adjectives that describe the qualities of a noun (such as color, age, size, etc).

They are also working on singular vs plural.  In Haitian Creole, this is indicated by a second “word” following the noun.  Example:  moun nan = the person, while moun yo = the people.


The third graders are also learning how to write numbers using words (256 = two hundred fifty-six) and how to read words and write them as a number (two hundred fifty-six = 256).

Social Sciences

After reviewing North, South, East, and West, the third graders also learned the intermediate points of the compass (Northeast, Southwest, etc.).

Simon helped them to identify in what direction each of their homes was located, as well as in what direction their front doors faced!


In science class, Simon talked with the kids about 7 diseases common in children, including measles, chickenpox, and tetanus.  They also discussed some ways to avoid these illnesses, such as getting vaccinated, keeping your living environment clean, and drinking filtered water.

(Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of this subject.)

French Class

This year, grades 3-6 are doing French a little bit differently than the other classes.  The school hired a teacher to focus especially on this subject, and he comes to each class in turn to work with the students in French.  His name is Kenol (perhaps you remember his introduction on the blog?).

In third grade, they are learning direct vs indirect statements.

As a grammar review, that is the difference between saying, a) I said to my friend, “Your shoe is untied!” (direct) and b) I told my friend that his shoe was untied. (indirect)

They are also learning vocabulary for different modes of transportation.

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