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What’s Up in Third Grade?

Lately, the third graders have  been learning…

…the French possessive adjectives (masculine, feminine, and plural forms)…

…the different types of bones…

…homonyms and antonyms…

….reading, both collectively and individually…

…addition, subtraction, and multiplication…

…to name a few things!

Specifically this week, they worked on French qualifying adjectives, such as mou/molle (soft), doux/douce (sweet, along with other meanings), and fou/folle (crazy).

In science, they learned about the water cycle.  Teacher Simon explains it a bit below, using the concrete example of puddles that collect on the road due to rain and then evaporate back into the air as water vapor.

For math, it’s all decimals–addition with decimals, subtraction with decimals, multiplication with decimals!

(You may notice from the picture above that Haiti follows the system employed by some European countries in which commas mark the decimals instead of decimal points.)

They also are working on their large numbers by writing series of numbers in ascending or descending order.

And of course, they practiced their reading.  In addition to reading individually, the students also read collectively.  This gives those who are struggling a chance to be helped along by the stronger readers.

In the video below, the girls are reading a story about Balthazar, the dog who is looking for an owner!

The students are also learning how to study the text that they are reading.

The third graders’ favorite subjects are reading, social studies, math, Bible, vocabulary, and grammar!

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