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Whats Up in Grades 5-7?

It’s final exam week–school is almost out!

Which means, I am a bit late with this post.  But, I’ll give you a peek into the final weeks of fifth, sixth, and seventh grade.

Fifth Grade

With seven students, the fifth grade class is the smallest in the school this year.  Their favorite subjects are math and science.

In fact, they are getting a math lesson in these pictures: How to convert between units of measure.

This is fifth grade teacher Fleurima’s second year with us.  He is talented with drawings, and his students like when he gives them impromptu lessons!

From School Director Almaïs : “I appreciate the methods Fleurima uses to teach his students. He often uses his drawing skills to teach concepts through images.”

Sixth Grade

The sixth graders are actually already done for the year!  Sixth grade is the last class of the primary school cycle.  To complete it, the student must take a standardized test administered by the government.  Their test dates were last week, so their vacation started a week earlier than the rest of the students.

But a couple weeks ago, they were still working hard…

Teacher Wilnique has been with us since 2012!  He hopes to instill in his students a spirit of teamwork so that as they grow up they will work with others to improve their country.

From School Director Almaïs : “I appreciate Wilnique’s dedication and discipline in his classroom. He has good leadership skills, and he takes his responsibilities seriously.”

Seventh Grade

This is the very first seventh grade class at Lemuel’s school!  Their favorite subject is physics.

Due to construction, the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade classes have been moved to temporary classrooms in a nearby house.  In the picture below, you can see the sixth grade working in the background.

The seventh graders have entered a new cycle, roughly equivalent to middle school.  In this cycle, they do not have one teacher, but different teachers for each subject.  You can meet them in the picture below.

And that’s all, folks!  After Friday, the students will be on summer vacation.

(But there may be a final blog post or two to close out the school year.)

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