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When “Little Things” Become Big Things

In December, our hearts were touched to see our school staff sacrificially giving out of their own salaries towards a fund for needy students (Read about it here: “The Little Things”).

A couple weeks ago, the fund had accumulated enough dollars for the school staff to do something they have been wanting to do all year: reach out to the needy families of their students from Gran Falèz.  The children from Gran Falèz are those that walk at least one to one and a half hours to school…and then that same distance back home at the end of the day (remember this post?).  The families in Gran Falèz are really struggling.  Some of the parents have as yet not been able to afford to purchase their children’s full uniforms.  Although attending without a uniform is against school policy, School Director Almaïs extended grace to these kids, knowing the especially difficult circumstances of their parents.

Using money from the “Gifts” envelope, the school was able to purchase uniforms for the kids! (This picture must have been the “serious face shot.”)

Not only that, but Almaïs and his staff used the remaining funds to put together food baskets for the families in Gran Falèz.

They then paid the families a personal visit in order to give them the gift and to offer them some encouragement.

What a thrill it is to our hearts to see our staff–of their own initiative and with their own ideas–sacrificing to reach out in love to others!!  Its too encouraging not to share!

And the staff have not closed their “Gifts” fund…it remains open to receive donations.

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