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21 Days???

Can it really be 21 days past New Years? How does this happen?! Well, partly it happens when you have unexpected trips to PauP, your entire staff gets sick to one level or another, you have friends and family come, and multiple projects going on at the same time… but more on that later. For now I am going to pretend I am not 21 days late and share with you a bit about the New Years program.

Unfortunately I can’t share any pictures with you right now because Bonita’s SD card accidentally got switched with someone else’s and ended up in Port-au-Prince and the jump drive she had them on crashed. As soon as I get them I will update this post so check back in a week or so for pictures…

On the 30th NOVA (the church youth group), the church committee and other volunteers from the church got together to separate sacks of food into individual sacks for each family in the community. Christmas/New Years is the one and only time in the year that we regularly (through the church) give out food for free*. Through some special gifts, we were able to make a donation to the church to purchase the provisions they wanted to share with the community.

NOVA and the church committee worked together to put on the New Years Eve program as well. They took full responsibility and we were happy to stand back and let them step up to the plate. The New Years Eve program is the one time in the year that people who will never, for the rest of the year, step foot in church, come and participate. It may just be for something to do, or for the ginger tea and bread, but regardless, NOVA decided to use the opportunity. In addition to the normal program of praising God for the past year and committing the coming one to Him, they added times of sharing the gospel and singing songs about Christ’s work on the cross.

The morning of the 1st (after everyone had gone home and gotten some sleep!) the church gave out the food baskets to each family in the community.

*The only other time we give out food for free is in emergency situations such as natural disasters or for the sick, elderly, or handicapped.

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