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School in Session!

The first day of school was September 4th.  We opened with a special prayer service to commit the year to the Lord.

We spent time encouraging and praying for the students, the parents, and the school staff.

Classes started the next day!

Our first ever eighth grade class!

Thanks to some kind friends, each child received a brand new backpack with some school supplies and hygiene items. 

Kindergarten began a week later on September 10th.

The kindergarten building has tile, windows, doors, and a coat of primer!

Classes are underway, and you will soon meet the students, teachers, and other school staff!

Enrollment in the school continues to go up.  We are in great need of sponsors to support the school, so that we can continue to offer education to the underprivileged kids in our area.  Would you consider sponsoring a grade or helping us spread the word?  Visit the Sponsorship Page for more information.

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