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The Wednesday Night Winners!

Our Wednesday night services have come to a close for the time being.  They were a wonderful way to engage the people of our church and to encourage them in their spiritual and intellectual development. And they were a lot of fun as well!

The winners of the points competition were a family team composed of a mother and her two daughters. It was touching to see how the three of them worked hard together–studying in order to answer questions, faithfully attending, bringing visitors, etc.  And their hard work paid off!  The Lemuel administration sat down with them to discuss what they hoped to gain as a prize.  They had already thought out and prepared their answer: a water cistern for their home!

By God’s gracious provision, we had the funds to do just that.  Our development guys got right to work on it, and the cistern is already finished!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the completed project yet.

Those who had worked hard to earn points, yet who were not the champions, did not lose out!  They were able to use their points in a “Store” that we set up in the gazebo.  There were food items, clothing, hygiene items, water filters, gravity lights, kitchen wares, etc. available to be purchased with points.  (I apologize for the poor picture quality–it was night and I was using my phone, which is not a good combination.)

The Wednesday night services were an effective way to invest in PEOPLE, and we are already looking forward to when we can begin the activity again.


Here are photos of the finished cistern (minus the very last details).  The family is so happy to have a water source at their home!

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